MVC Enhancement


EasyGadgets are the newest way to integrate Bookit into your website.

We've taken our gadgets and made them easier to integrate than ever! Responsive by design, you can rest easy knowing your site will reach users no matter what device they view it on. Simply copy the files into your site's template and customise with CSS for an integrated booking platform that matches your website's branding. See our step by step guide to implementation below.

  1. Download the zip file below
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file
  3. Copy all relevant files into your website's template/theme
  4. Create the following pages in your website's CMS
  5. Homepage
  6. Region Gadget page
  7. Item Details page
  8. Booking Gadget page
  9. Confirmation Gadget page
  10. Ensure the HTML provided is rendered for each of these pages
  11. Set the below parameters
    1. VCID
    2. Correct URLs for each page  (homepage, Region Gadget page, Item Details page, Booking Gadget page, Confirmation Gadget page)
    3. Gadgets API key
    4. Google Maps API key
  12. Customise the "theme.css" file to suit your needs, in particular changing the theme colours to suit your branding
  13. If necessary, other HTML can be moved around/tweaked on the Item Details page, but it's easier if you just keep it as-is

Note: the EasyGadgets are built off the back of our beTouch integration for tablets, so are less flexible than the usual build process. If you're looking to build a customised gadget integration, the EasyGadgets may not be the best solution. If you're unsure of whether the EasyGadgets will work for you please get in touch with us via dev@bookit.co.nz.

Download the EasyGadgets here.

Click here to view a working example of the unstyled EasyGadgets.